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About maHeart friendship from the heart


Thank you for visiting our website and very warm welcome to - friendship from the heart. maHeart is a community where millions of people can socialize and find romance... It's something more than just dating... It's absolutely FREE to use. By that we mean, that all the features on our website are free. Our members don't need to be worry about any hidden fees, subscriptions and whatever what is about the money... Many websites on the internet are telling to the people, that people can register for free, but after registering you are trying to send any message, gift or something else and straight they are transfering you to the membership page.. The are no tricks like that on our website.. By saying FREE, that's what we mean - FREE!


A bit of history:


One day, a few years ago, after long thinking and ideas to create something for others I, the same internet lover like all of us, decided to create a website, which would be not for me, not for my interests, but for the people...for the people from all over the world, any nationalities, languages, thinking,beliefs - where they could entertain themselfs, find new friends, keep in touch with them, socialize with them or maybe find that someone special, the second part of their life, the love they could live for the rest of their life with... So in 2009 after a lof of ideas, preparation, many mistake fixings with a small team with programmers and designers, after more than half a year hard job, in the end of summer, finaly, in properly working order, we've launched our website. It's all for our members, because without them it's would be no Untill now , few years after the launch, with many many thousands people registered and many more registering every day, we are alive, moving forward, created and still creating many new functions, listening to our members needs,we believe, that can be that social tool, website, people will could not live without. So that is our belief and that's what we are trying to achieve ..


Functionality: it's not just simple dating site or friends site where you just can create a profile, view other profiles and send message or gift and that's it...or no! is a website, where you can spend your time much more productive. We've been thinking what kind of functions our members would love to have and use on their website, so the functions we've introduced and our members can freely register, choose language their prefer, invite new friends, write them messages, receive messages from other members, send gifs, play flash or web games, write everything they want on our blog, socialize with other members on forum about everything they want with writing messages and uploading photos, upload their personal videos about themselfs or simply put youtube code of their favorite video and watch other members videos, use our dating page for full search of person they are looking for and simply contact them and send gifts, communicate with them, create email address and send emails to everyone they need, create their own comprehensive profile with photos, video and full information about themselfs, invite other members to be their friends, check who invited them for friendship and accept the friendship or reject it, write something on other members guestbook or read, what others wrote on their guestbook, check who was active on maHeart and what they've done, rate people to be top friends, top girls or top boys, check who visited their profiles, check new members and fully contact people they liked, if you don't like your original background, you can freely change it from background section, also people can create tests for other members to read and answer to their questions, we've got two chat is for public and private chat with any member and one is for chat with the friends only, plus our members have got noticeboard, where they can write their notices about what they are looking for and for business people we've created business page, where companies can advertise their businesses for free, isn't that great idea? Plus we've got great radio on our website, where you can find your favorite music and listen to it, it is a wall there, where you can also socialize with anyone, check, which friend have got birthday today or this month and because we are tired to write all other functions we will stop here...let's leave some inspiration for you to register and find it out for yourself...




So like you can see yourself actualy it is something more, than just dating isn't it and it's completely FREE. And we don't want to stop here, because much more new and inspirational functions are coming soon, which will help entertain you better, will help you socialize with your friends or anyone on the website better and probably achieve our goal what is that our members not gonna have any day in their life without using


So ones again thank you very much that you looked at our website, very warm welcome from our team and we are sure we will see you at



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